Commercial Space Interiors

Every commercial design project involves precise and unique requirements relating to its particular context. Enlimited provides the knowledge and expertise for your store and office renovation or new construction project to ensure a positive reflection of your brand. Our commercial interior service is designed to fit your particular needs for form, function, and affordability. Whether you need new office furniture, renovating a current office, or building a new commercial space, contact us today for expert space planning, commercial interior design and commercial furniture.

Our some of the key offerings in commercial spaces:

  • Design ideas and planning for optimum space utilization
  • Store design (Jewelry, Electronic, Mobile, Retail, Boutique)
  • False roofing (Grid roofing, POP / Gypsum Board Ceiling)
  • Partitions
  • Credenza, Casements, Cabinets, and Cupboards
  • Cubicles and Sit-outs
  • Flooring
  • Safety installations (CCTV, Fire safety, Alarms)
  • Displays and signage
  • Cabling and networking

Home Interiors Design

From design deliveries to selection of household items, Enlimited provides a blend of home interior design services that matches budget to taste. Enlimited delivers range of custom services that saves you from headaching search, selection, and negotiation. We understand that need of every customer is not same, so why a package. Be it pet owning house owner or a gym freak health cautious person, house interior ideas are customized to match your needs. Every color and corner of your home speaks about your personality. Let us match these to the best.

Our some of the key offerings in Home interiors:

  • Home design for best space utilization
  • Wood Work
  • Electrical Items
  • Floor Design Service
  • Roofing / Ceiling Design Service
  • Modular Kitchen and Kitchen Design Service
  • Wall Design Service
  • Security System
  • Environment Control
  • Cable Installation
  • Parking Design
  • Pet Friendly Designing
  • Fire Safety
  • Fitness Facility
  • Bathroom Choices
  • Removal of Old Interior



Hotel Rooms & Lounge Design

Our unique design service for hotel rooms and lounge extends and elevate most loved area into an exclusive place that you will love to be at. Luxurious materials, exotic finishes, and a dark colour palette transforms the space into a series of intimate dining or waiting areas that are comfortable yet glamorous. From hotel rooms to sky lounge to store interior lounge to home rest lounge, we deliver services for all kind of lounges.

Our some of the key offerings in Hotel rooms & Lounge interiors:

  • Design concepts and planning for optimum space utilization
  • Woodwork
  • Electrical installations
  • Cabling and networking
  • Security devices
  • Sit-out and bar/restaurant area planning